Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Certain wavelengths of light have the ability to penetrate high water content material such as animal tissue. This penetration allows the process of photobiostimulation on animal cells is similar to photosynthesis in plant cells whereby light sets in motion a chain of chemical reactions. In human tissue the resulting photochemical reaction produces an increase in the cellular metabolism rate which expedites cell repair and the stimulation of several systems: the immune, lymphatic and vascular.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy

Our bodies use light as a source of energy. The energy from light has been shown to help heal wounds. We often have more energy and feel better on bright sunny days.

NASA has been using LED color therapy for the past 30 years to accelerate the healing process for their astronauts while in space. It was noted that astronauts with wounds, broken bones or damaged muscles and cartilage would not heal quickly unless LED therapy was applied.

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If you or someone you love would like to learn more about the benefits of Cold Laser Therapy or to schedule an appointment, please call one of our amazing clinics who offer this service.

Currently Cold Laser Therapy is only available at our Grove City location.

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